Shores, forests and beyond

Shores, forests and beyond (Open photographic corpus. Selection)

I haven’t traveled much to extract generalizations about specific objects. By looking at my pictures, I learn something about my own town New Richmond. I went to meet her to see what was left behind by the tidal wave of history as it ran aground on the coast in the outpost of the developing economy and the world of commodities

The creeping effects of development on the territory are causing changes. The geographic space of a village on Canada’s east coast is continually being crushed layer by layer by ever-increasing amenities. Some photographs are documents of the earth itself being prepared for its role in the consumerist society. There is an appropriate quality of the soil in the countryside. The constant rational juxtaposition of the things in it imitates the fortuitous encounters of the pedestrian, as an opportunity.

Like me, these changes are moving and going elsewhere, leaving room for new developments and the installation of new amenities. This movement shows how human subjects adapt to their artificial environment, how they form frames that link subjects, urban imperfections together, as a kind of attachment to the grip of the waves of time that break out and influence the perception of the place.

NR-5 734 243
NR-5 788 367
Sandale sur la grève
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Shores, forests and beyond