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Pacific Trash Vortex

Pacific Trash Vortex
(Extract from a corpus of 33 photographs)

A sort of unrealism of our culture, built like an artificial imagination, PACIFIC TRASH VORTEX brings together photographs torn by a Cornelian opposition between love and indifference maintained with the packaging of food products that fail to unleash gluttony. They are not as they are, but like small boats wandering under water.

Before they come to life, setting out to sea with the complicity of heavy tides, laughing winds, plunging ocean currents that will only make them into micro-particles, I brought back to my photography studio, in addition to seaweed and seawater, some of these pragmatic objects. In front of the immensity of the oceans, they represent an inaccessible, invisible, improvised world. Since one of the rules of the game when it comes to foresight is to give oneself the right to re-imagine, question and reconstruct everything, the images obtained here are not attempts to pretend with what is happening underwater. The resulting images are not attempts to pretend with what happens underwater. The objects represented become abstract, under a screen of magnified pixels. The many moods of the mysterious and powerful oceanic force may have helped to create them.

Fascinated by freedom, equality and democracy, our societies have created a major gap between the environment and the territories where they live. As night dreams can do, which, when we wake up, activate consciousness, my photographs act as a revelation of a doubt about what we really are, beggars for love. Our earthly bonds are clearly lacking in tenderness.