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The Latin root of the words flora and flower, Flora is also a first name that singularizes a patronymic or, in what is now close to my heart, the prelude to spring in the territory. And yet...

There is no doubt that man’s voracious appetite for conquering nature has forced him to encroach on natural habitats and biodiversity in an accelerated manner. Looking at this flora consisting of brambles, alders, tree trunks at a young age in their development or, again, thorny orange raspberry bushes, red harts, all inextricably intertwined, it brings to mind protection mechanisms that can only be understood by themselves, making it impenetrable.

Could it be a return to a form of balance of nature pushing us into a global confinement ? There is undeniably this great human quality buried somewhere inside us that cannot develop in an anaerobic environment : respect. Our earth, this great patient, has entrenched itself in its last resources, where pathogens of such ferocity emerge that humans are in turn suffocated to the point of dying by the hundreds of thousands. It is time to take off the big muddy boots when we walk around the house.

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