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Enchanted Landscapes

Enchanted Landscapes

According to some beliefs, each animal has two form, one visible, the other spiritual. The first is the reincarnation of the second and teaches us about good behavior and the consequences of bad behavior. This invisible territory forces us to recognize the limits and excesses of the human perspective to probe the power and depth of animal life.

The Bear, the holder of medicinal knowledge, has a special relationship with plants. He is the one who knows their history and calls them by name; the Crow is a companion in the development of our ability to observe and gain the perspective necessary to support our goals and aspirations; the Fox, apathetic and cunning, teaches the art of avoiding obstacles; the Deer embodies vigilance, sensitivity and intuition; the Mountain Caribou, an example of solidarity between species, is also Coyote, almost. It feeds the Coyote, leaving the weaker ones, which keeps the herd healthy; the Lynx, a perfect example of balance, feeds on hares. Prolific if there are many hares, rare if they are few.

All things considered, humanity has gone into an upward spin and is demonstrating that it is as frightened as the wolf that learns at its own expense the respect of the hierarchy in the pack. Like the black bear, armed with its five claws, it lowers its head and looks obliquely at the impossible threat. She bends her back like the fleeing dogs. Frightened by this primitive sensation, like an animal shadow that sweeps over the human form, humanity in overpopulation is heading towards its self-destruction.

If there is one thing that every wild species teaches before it becomes extinct, it is that we must find a few that humanity will love as life goes on. Perhaps it is because each one cares about our survival and our Eden.