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Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, I was born in 1955. As a carrier, self-educated, riding my bicycle on the great infinite flowerbeds of an embalming nature, I was in front of this glass reflecting the real and the imaginary where I sank my claws. I could observe that beauty and ugliness are always present in nature. All my reference points are there. At that time, my part of humanity was intertwined with nature.

Then I crossed time, the squared space, the rectilinear trajectories, for three decades, in the car, in the subway, in the bus, in the escalator, in the feverishness and the effervescence, among the flags of the nations, in the absence of silence, in the promiscuity, in the absence of scent, under the walking umbrellas, in the university learning, in the books and the art galleries, in the libraries or the museums, . ..and in many ephemeral encounters. So many keywords that weave links in my mind.

One day a destiny, a love at first sight, a woman became my companion for life. And she didn’t get closer to me alone, her Gaspesian country accompanied her. There I found my roots lost at the beginning of my existence. I am on the infinite and the distance and soaked to the spring water, to the poetry, to the snow and to the big river. I plunge into the immensity of the Gulf of St. Lawrence like a scuba diver. Subjugated, I have in my eyes a fish, bird’s names, a mixture of mist, forest and earth. The loop of my relationship to the world closes.