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Originally from Lac-Saint-Jean, I was born in 1955. I have been fed, pampered, educated, and self-propelled by bicycle on the bumpy paths of the great parterres of a nature enveloping the territories, serving as a mirror reflecting the imagination of the men and women who have stuck their claws into it.

I was able to observe that the beautiful and soothing are always present in nature. All my points of reference were there, because at that time the part of humanity I inherited at my birth became intertwined with nature. Many years later, I fell in love at first sight with a Gaspesian woman who became my lifelong companion. And she didn’t enter my life alone, her corner of the world accompanied her : the Gaspé Peninsula, a peninsula that plunges into the immensity of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. I have been living there permanently since 2012.

I witnessed four major revolutionary innovations that transformed my life : color television, digital cameras, personal computers (or the digitalization of information), and the Internet.
In this list of events that have marked my life, I am missing two : the invention of writing and the invention of printing. Unfortunately I was not able to attend them, but I have always benefited a lot from them.