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Artist statement

Photography often leaves me wanting more, especially because the documentary and pure approach is still in vogue. I feel limited in making images in the trend that is recognized everywhere. Painting and silk-screening attract my attention because they represent a poetic and creative artistic work, which seems to me much closer to my feeling. I like to photograph the territory in such a way that my photographs reflect what humans always do with the territory : interfere with it.

I am a photographic artist because it is the images that interest me. The inspiration comes from their familiarity, spontaneity and the fortuitous juxtapositions they provoke in my mind. The territory of my living does not impose words on me, it feeds me with images. It is in the following that the words are gardened. This is the essence of my existence as an artist. I dig, with patience, sometimes with compassion, or simply by taking the time to meditate. This reveals complexity in simple images, and lets a story slip out where not everything is what it seems. There is inevitably more. My images, quasi-documentary, that is to say stripped of some of their realistic, pure, straight aspect, become introspective.

Concerned by the fate of the environment, I have been probing the territory where I live, the Gaspé Peninsula, since 2012. It is the place of inspiration for all my production. I pose an artistic look not without