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Artist statement

Albert Picard (born in 1955) lived the first thirty-six months of his life in an orphanage, waiting to be adopted. His foster family, from Normandin, made him spend his entire childhood and adolescence there. His artistic practice and creation are rooted in that time and take hold of the territory he inhabits, a bias he maintains to this day. While trying to understand and live with his inner world, he becomes aware of his own history in order to distance himself from it.

Everyone has their own story, but for Albert it is only a selective version of reality. If he were to identify with it, this story would amount to a mechanical and repetitive life. He is often confronted with this type of narrative that makes it difficult to establish a correlation between a rather banal and predictable biographical scenario and an individual that is infinitely more complex.

His photographic work is associated with poetry, where the real stories lie, as he seeks to create felt images that tell stories. He develops arrangements of images and words, not literary or real territory. His relationship to photographs or poetry dispenses with the real, which serves only as a threshold for inspiration. But if we think about it, what is in his mind is necessarily in his body. One thus comes to consider that these images have a real existence.

From this way of looking at his research, he develops a technique of analyzing what we, human beings, are, and what does not separate us from the territory.

His photographs live in fiction and reality, in promiscuity with our world.